TIME: Vaping May Have Caused an Illinois Patient to Die From a Respiratory Illness


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Vaping May Have Caused an Illinois Patient to Die From a Respiratory Illness http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/time/topstories/~3/JObsv8PpDY8/ Aug 23rd 2019, 18:59
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An Illinois resident who was hospitalized with a respiratory illness linked to vaping has died, according to the state’s public health officials. The Illinois Department of Public Health issued a statement Friday saying a person who had “recently vaped and was hospitalized with severe respiratory illness” had died. It could be the first death in the U.S. that is related to vaping, the Associated Press reports. The person’s identity and other details surrounding the circumstances of the death have not yet been released. The health department noted in its statement that reports of people hospitalized with symptoms of respiratory illness after vaping or using e-cigarettes had doubled over the last week, going from 10 cases to a total of 22. The 12 new cases are currently under investigation. That comes amid a national trend of people contracting serious lung illnesses with apparent ties to e-cigarette use. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said earlier this week 149 possible cases were reported between June 28 and Aug. 20, across 15 states. These primarily involved adolescents and young adults. Similarly, in Illinois, the 22 reported cases involved patients ranging in age from 17 to 38 In its statement, the CDC noted that it’s not yet clear if all 149 reported cases can be tied with any certainty to vaping. Affected patients have reported symptoms that include difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath and chest pain before hospitalization. Some people reported vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue.

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